Thursday, March 08, 2007

Remember the post with my glamour shot and details of how I helped mom with her rug hooking? If you don't - you should be paying better attention to me. Maybe you should take notes - I am important. Enough about you - back to me. When the rug was finished, mom put it by the front door - the door outside of which she feeds those charity cats. You know what I think about that! (If not, then you definately need to take good notes.) Everytime I looked at the rug I thought - what if one of those charity cases tried to take it for his own. They are like that you know - first they take food that could have been in your mouth - then they take your warm rug! I couldn't have that! So I marked the rug as mine, all mine. When mom got home from work, she was not pleased with my helping out. She took the rug and washed and washed all my hard marking out of it. Then she put it back by the door and told me not to mark it again. She just did not understand - the poor woman - it's a good thing she brings home cat food and litter or she would be so out of here. Of course I had to protect my rug - so I marked it again. I'm pleased to report that this time she got it. She washed the rug again and now it is in the kitchen where it is safe from thieving homeless cats. I'm putting a picture of the rug in my blog so that you can congratulate me on my good work.