Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Steeenky day. mom hasn't done my cat box in two days and it is steeenky. Sometimes I like steeenky - like when mom wears her long denim coat that almost drags on the ground and it collects steeenks from the places she has been. I sniff it and when I find a really good steeenk I open my mouth a little and wrinkle my elegent nose to better experience the steeenk. It is like a person tasting wine slurping it over the back of their tongue - without the spitting it out of course. Some steeenks I just have to experience in 3-D by rolling in them. Riggling on my back in the middle of a good steeenk is the best! But steeenky cat boxes are the worst and mom should come home soon and make the steeenk go away. You agree with me, right?



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