Tuesday, October 24, 2006

It is starting to get cold here in Connecticut. mom is too cheap to turn on the furnace and I have short hair so I am miserable. Knocking all the tomatoes sitting on the kitchen counters off onto the floor one-by-one seems to help me feel better. You would think that mom would get the message that I need attention right now when a tomato goes thud onto the floor, but she doesn't. That other cat who lives in the house likes to get in mom's lap and suck up the heat. I hate that patchwork-big-as-a-pony-dog-breath-smelly ole cat. Sometimes my patience wears thin and I just have to bite her from behind (a big target) while she is on mom's lap. Then mom gets mad at me. I'm not the one hogging all the mom heat! Anyway, back to me. I usually can get that awful cat off mom's lap and chase her all the way into the attic and tell her to stay there until I - King Wallingford - give her permission to leave. As if I ever would! Then I have to tromp back downstairs and look mom right in the eyes so that I know I have her attention and bite her really hard. It isn't a good lesson unless I draw blood. She tries to put me in "time out" but I am really fast and can get under the bed where she can't get me. Playing chase with mom is always fun and it helps keep me warm.



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