Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I have been way too busy to write in my blog, but now I am not so busy so I will write something new for you to read. That is very nice of me, I know. There is another cat at my house now. First there was Holly and then I came and now there is Sampson Thunderpaws living here. Oh and there is still one of those charity cats, his name is Mud but mom calls him "Meow". (The poor woman does not have a creative bone in her whole body.) Enough about her, she is boring. Sampson has really big fur and he is much bigger than me, but not as smart, of course. He used to live across the street with my friend but my friend went forever away and mom brought Sampson to live with us. Sampson recoginizes genius when he sees it, and that, of course, is me. So I like him and I am teaching him the ropes like how to eat out of the kitchen sink. I would put a picture of him on my blog but then there wouldn't be room for my picture.


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