Sunday, February 11, 2007

I have been very busy lately keeping the riff-raff away from my domain. mom insists on putting out food and fresh water twice a day, every day for "charity" cats. Stupid idea - that means there might be less for me and that, of course, would be unacceptable. I'm having a hard time teaching her that her behavior is inconsiderate and just wrong. I have tried biting, scratching, tripping her as she walks with the bowl of water, even escaping through the open door and giving the charity case de jour a taste of my spikey claws - but nothing seems to get through to her. As a result of her ignoring my demands - I have been forced to show those charity cats who think they could move in with us my enormous brute strength to frighten them away.
One of the ugly beasts has the nerve to sit on the planter box at the front window and peer in at us. When I see this rude behavior I get in the window and up on my rear legs and grab the metal mini blinds. I thrash them and then I bite them until they are limp and curled as a dead snake. Imagine the power it takes to bend and bite through metal. You are scared of me now - aren't you? You should be - I am strong and fearless.