Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Slow news day today. It is raining and mom is working until way past dinner time and the other cat is tired of playing pony with me. Well she is as fat as a horse so why shouldn't I get to ride her around the house? Actually, now that I think about someone who isn't me - she has gotten thinner since I moved in. Whatever. Anyway - back to me. mom got upset one night because I got into the refrigerator for a snack while she was at work and forgot to close the door. I really can't be bothered with things like closing doors - nothing in it for me. She said that all her food was ruined because the door was open for like 14 hours. (She's fat as a horse - wouldn't hurt her to skip a meal or two.) None of my crunchies got ruined - so I don't see the big deal. I had opened the refrigerator door before and not closed it and she hadn't gotten SO upset. Anyway she did a bad, bad thing the next day. She put this white plastic thing on the side of the door and now no matter how hard I try - I can't open the door. She called a child-proof lock. How juvenile is that?



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