Monday, October 16, 2006

Sunday mom sleeps very late. Nothing gets her up to feed me! But when she finally gets up she fixes us "brunch" and that means tuna. Tuna, tuna, tuna flies me to the moon ah! Can you tell that I lo-o-o-ve tuna? The weather was nice and mom let us go outside in the backyard for some fresh air. The other cat ran to the back near the compost pile where she promptly sat down and waited. I, being curious by nature, explored my realm and took a sunny nap. Later the other cat brought mom a dead mouse that she found. I jumped out at her from under the deck where I was hiding and she dropped the mouse. When mom came out to put vegetable scraps out for the worms she saw me sitting over the mouse. I gave it a couple of licks. Blet! Phoo! Ack! I got mouse hair on my tongue. mom didn't even act surprised that I had killed a wild mouse and got a bag and scooped up the mouse and put it in the trash. Maybe the man who steals mom's trash will be impressed.



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