Monday, October 16, 2006

Remember I told you that I am very, very, very smart? You should be paying more attention to me then if you didn't. On Saturdays mom likes to go "crawling" with our Uncle Butter. They take the car and drive to other people's houses and look at their stuff. Sometimes she buys me little presents - but mostly she is selfish and buys things for herself or to sell on eBay. Waste of time and money if you ask me. This Saturday she bought stupid LPs; although they are rather nice to sharpen my claws on when she puts them in the shelves. . . Anyway she put one of them on to play and went into the kitchen to cook and I just had to turn it off. Couldn't stand the thought of there being another King Cat in the house. She came to see why the music stopped after one song. Well, I just reached up and pushed the button that turned the turntable off. So there. She said the music was from Nat King Cole - not Cat King Cole. I wish she would speak more distinctly - it would save a whole lot of my energy.



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